Supercharged By

Moduluc Studio

Expociti, in collaboration with Moduluc, brings the metaverse to life with the spectacular photorealism of Moduluc Studio. This partnership infuses Expociti with breathtaking visuals, transforming each digital space into an immersive, almost tangible world that captivates and enchants users.

Moduluc Studio serves as Expociti’s web2 builder, crafting photorealistic environments. Expociti enhances this with web3 integrations, infusing blockchain functionality and NFT elements, creating a seamless blend of visual excellence and advanced digital features.

Moduluc's Craftsmanship, Elevated by Expociti's Web3 Edge

Moduluc Studio-RaceTrack

Expociti taps into the creativity of the web2 community, leveraging the power of Moduluc Studio. This integration ensures a smooth transition of web2 creations into Expociti’s web3 environment, fostering a dynamic and collaborative digital ecosystem where the boundaries between web2 artistry and web3 innovation blur.

Moduluc Studio-Rocket

Expociti's Immersive NFT Marketplace

Elevating NFT Trading in Virtual Spaces

Within Expociti, users will have the unique opportunity to trade NFTs, including artworks, 3D assets, and lands, directly in its immersive environment. Users will be able to interact, display, and exchange their NFTs in a visually rich and interactive setting, making the process more than just a transaction—it becomes a part of the vibrant life within Expociti. This integration of NFT trading within the metaverse represents a significant step towards a fully integrated digital economy, where art, property, and digital goods can be seamlessly exchanged in a dynamic, realistic virtual world.

Enhancing the appeal of digital collectibles

Users can showcase, explore, and exchange their NFTs in a setting that mirrors the vibrancy and complexity of real-world markets. The immersive nature of Expociti allows for a deeper connection between traders and their assets, adding a tangible feel to each transaction.

Expociti-Immersive-Marketplace 06

Unified & Efficient Economy

Expociti will integrate EXPO as its native utility token, creating a streamlined and efficient marketplace. This adoption enables smooth transactions and a cohesive economic system within the metaverse, making EXPO the cornerstone of Expociti’s vibrant trading environment.

Wide Range of Options

Expociti plans to accept MODUL, SOL, and USDC, in addition to EXPO, to broaden platform adoption and ease user onboarding. This variety in payment methods enhances accessibility and underscores Expociti’s dedication to a diverse and user-friendly economic environment.

Your Front Row in the NFT Economy

Where Every Parcel is a Marketplace

Expociti’s map is more than just a metaverse layout; it’s a dynamic web app enabling direct NFT trading through a feature-rich UI. Owning a parcel of LAND on this map means users and communities gain a permanent storefront, ensuring visibility for continuous NFT trade. This setup not only streamlines transactions but also integrates them into the fabric of the metaverse, making every LAND a potential hub for digital commerce.

Map Your Trade

Users and communities can seize the opportunity to engage actively and continuously in digital commerce, leveraging their virtual land as a lucrative and dynamic platform in the thriving online marketplace.

It’s not just about owning virtual real estate; it’s about owning a piece of the digital marketplace. This unique feature allows users to trade and showcase products as NFTs directly on their land, making every plot a cornerstone of digital trade and interaction within Expociti.

Marketplace Mosaic

By aggregating and integrating multiple marketplaces through their APIs, Expociti displays relevant listings directly linked to each LAND and its corresponding wallet. This cohesive approach simplifies and enriches the user experience by centralizing trading options within the platform.

Tailored for Maximum Returns

Advanced Property Rentals

Expociti’s cutting-edge rental platform redefines metaverse property leasing. Tailored to LAND owners, it factors in size, zoning, traffic, and build quality, enabling optimized rentals. This pioneering platform stands as the most advanced rental system in the metaverse, offering participants unique opportunities to actively generate income from their virtual properties.

Active LAND, Active Income

In Expociti, LAND activity directly influences its rental appeal and profitability. Increased activity on a LAND elevates its rank, enhancing its visibility and rental prospects. Furthermore, frequent rentals boost the LAND’s score, which in turn leads to additional gains through Expociti’s unique score-based reward system. This innovative approach encourages active participation and development within the metaverse, creating a dynamic and rewarding environment for LAND owners.

Collaborative Earnings

The Expociti Rental platform empowers LAND owners with the flexibility to choose their renters and set desired rental rates, including the option for free rentals. This autonomy fosters a collaborative ecosystem between LAND owners, creators, and influencers, encouraging partnerships that drive attention and traffic to their properties. Such collaborations not only enhance the vibrancy of the metaverse but also create a mutually beneficial scenario, generating active income for both parties.

Growing Catalog for the Virtual Worlds

Expociti Experience Portal

Explore, Engage, Trade: Expociti’s Metaverse Catalog; Just like scrolling through YouTube, you can effortlessly explore a wide range of immersive shopping experiences and events tailor-made for the metaverse. It’s a unique opportunity to engage with your customers, interact with your community, and witness your creations come to life in new and exciting ways.

Blockciti-Experience Portal 01

Beyond Gaming

Immersive eCommerce Experience

Expociti sets itself apart from standard metaverse platforms with a specialized focus on eCommerce. This focus will be manifested through a suite of e-commerce services and integrations, meticulously crafted for immersive metaverse experiences.

Virtual Showrooms

Explore products in detailed 3D showrooms, offering a hands-on feel for items, enhancing decision-making before purchasing.


Direct NFT Purchases

Seamlessly integrate NFT trading within the environment, simplifying the process of buying and selling digital assets.


NFT Ready

Ecommerce Ready

Live Shopping Events

Engage in dynamic, real-time shopping experiences, including product launches and exclusive brand events.


Interactive Product Demo

Interact with products in a virtual space, experiencing their features and functionalities hands-on.


Virtual Pop-Up Stores

Experience immersive, temporary virtual stores for unique and exclusive product drops and brand experiences.

Moduluc Studio Sample 25

Virtual Auction Houses

Participate in virtual auctions, offering an immersive and interactive platform for bidding on unique items.

Andreu World

Even more pro features in the mix.

We are paving the way for a future where eCommerce is seamlessly integrated into the fabric of the virtual world, offering users an unparalleled shopping experience.

Subscription-Based Access

Offer exclusive products and services through subscription models, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty.

Virtual Brand Collaborations

Forge collaborations between virtual LANDs and real-world brands for unique marketing opportunities.

User-Generated Marketplaces

Empower users to create, market, and sell their own virtual goods and services in a user-driven marketplace.

Loyalty Reward Programs

Implement loyalty programs within the virtual environment, encouraging repeat visits and customer loyalty.

Need a management tool? We have you covered!

eCommerce Connector

Easy-to-use tools just for you. You can manage your products easily from one place – our friendly online platform. Plus, with our unique tools, you can also make your products look extra cool in the virtual world. Whether you’re a creator or a business owner, with Expociti, you’re all set for success in the exciting world of online and virtual commerce.