Earn $EXPO and Contribute to AI Advancement


Welcome to EXPOCITI, where technology meets opportunity. We are excited to introduce our innovative Nodes NFT program, a unique blend of software licensing, blockchain technology, and AI data generation. By holding a Node NFT, you can participate in our decentralized AI training initiative.

Step 1:

Purchase a Node NFT

Each Node NFT costs 500 USDC.

Step 2:

Run the Software

Authenticate and run the software on your local machine or a cloud server.

Step 3:

Earn Rewards

In return for operating and maintaining your node, you will receive $EXPO token.

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Node Tiers and Rewards

Our Node NFT program is structured into 11 tiers, with a total supply of 20,000 Nodes. 20% of total $EXPO  supply (1 billion $EXPO) is set aside for Node Rewards.

The lower the tier, the less expensive it is. As demand increases, the cost of each node will rise, but the $EXPO rewards remain the same.

The total $EXPO rewards for all tiers combined will constitute 20% of the total supply. These rewards are part of the initial distribution supply. For more details, please refer to our tokenomics.

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$EXPO is EXPOCITI’s utility coin which will be used on the platform to pay for Marketplace Assets, Ecommerce payment, LAND Upgrade, issuing LAND on Layer 02, Rental Fees, Ticketing, Web & API Services, AI Training and much more!

Why Participate?

By running a node, you help generate data for AI training, driving innovation and progress in the AI field and you will receive $EXPO tokens as a reward for your participation and contribution.

Important Note

The sooner you join, the less you pay for the same amount of rewards. Secure your Node NFT and join the EXPOCITI’s AI initiative today!