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Incredibly advanced.

Explore our cutting-edge metaverse map, meticulously crafted for an unparalleled eCommerce experience.

Uniting Chains, Expanding Horizons

Architectural Artistry, Real-World Inspiration, Limitless Expansion

EXPOCITI’s map is a marvel of digital architecture, setting a new benchmark in metaverse design. Crafted by real architects and inspired by real-world city planning and functional zoning, it is a testament to meticulous design and artistry. The map is not only a visual masterpiece but also functionally superior, scalable through Layer 02 technology.


Dynamic Expansion and Adaptation

EXPOCITI’s map dynamically expands and adapts, reflecting the evolutionary essence of real cities. Its design seamlessly blends growth and change, ensuring a living, breathing virtual environment that continuously evolves with its community.

Aesthetically Pleasing and Pragmatically Designed

Every aspect of EXPOCITI showcases meticulous attention to detail, harmonizing stunning aesthetics with functional design. This creates a distinctive fusion of art, architecture, and technology, bringing a unique character to the virtual landscape.

91_0010_Layer 3
93_0075_Layer 15
91_0004_Layer 9
5_0005_Layer 1
93_0035_Layer 55
92_0005_Layer 6
91_0003_Layer 10
6_0004_Layer 8
6_0011_Layer 1

From Foundations to Pinnacles of Virtual Land

Unique Tiers, Unique Experiences

Each ascending tier doubles in size, offering expansive virtual landscapes for users to explore and develop. This system is designed with scarcity in mind – the higher the tier, the less supply available, adding to its exclusivity and value.

Purpose and Prestige

Tiering strategy not only creates a diverse range of options for users and investors but also adds a layer of intrigue and prestige to owning higher-tiered lands, making each tier a distinct and coveted part of the EXPOCITI metaverse experience.

The Multichain Metaverse

Uniting Chains, Unleashing Potential

EXPOCITI stands at the forefront of metaverse innovation as a multichain project, seamlessly integrating Solana, Ethereum, and potentially Bitcoin Ordinals. This strategic approach not only broadens accessibility and user engagement but also showcases EXPOCITI’s commitment to interoperability and future-proofing in the digital realm.

Scarcity + Infinite Scalability

Founders Tiers​

The Founders Tiers of EXPOCITI – Tier 08, Tier 09, Tier 10, and Tier X – offer a groundbreaking feature where owners can issue their own lands and build bespoke metaverses. This ingenious approach addresses the growing demand for scalability and the critical aspect of scarcity in the NFT space. Landowners benefit directly from the issuance of new lands, fostering a sense of ownership and community, while ensuring that the rarity and exclusivity cherished in the NFT world are maintained.


Tier 06 L2 Capacity: 150

Tier 06, the entry BUSINESS TIER, suits small business launches and scaling in EXPOCITI. With 150 LANDs on Layer 02, it’s ideal for startups and emerging brands to foster dedicated communities. This tier offers a tailored growth space and a solid foundation for businesses to establish their niche and engage with a targeted audience in the metaverse.

Tier 07 L2 Capacity: 300

With the capacity to issue up to 300 LANDs on Layer 02, Tier 07 is ideal for growing brands and educational initiatives aiming for broader impact without losing the personalized touch, and offers a versatile platform for diverse metaverse ventures.

Tier 08 L2 Capacity: 1000

Ideal for creating niche communities, Tier 08 offers the perfect balance between intimacy and diversity. With 1000 LANDS, owners can cultivate specialized groups, fostering close-knit interactions and targeted experiences, suitable for boutique brands or focused educational endeavors.

Tier 09 L2 Capacity: 2000

Doubling the scope, Tier 09 enables the development of larger, more diverse communities. With 2000 LANDS, it’s ideal for mid-sized eCommerce platforms and educational institutions seeking a broader reach while maintaining a sense of community.

Tier 10 L2 Capacity: 5000

Offering a substantial expansion, Tier 10 is perfect for large-scale projects. With 5000 LANDS, owners can build extensive communities, suitable for major retailers, large educational campuses, or expansive gaming worlds, providing a vast array of experiences and services.

Tier X L2 Capacity: 15000

The pinnacle of EXPOCITI’s offering, Tier X, with the capacity to issue up to 15000 LANDS, is designed for city-scale developments. This tier can support massive e-commerce ecosystems, expansive shopping malls, or entire virtual cities, accommodating a wide range of brands, retailers, and institutions, and serving a significant customer or user base.

Future Proof

Layer 02 expansion feature sets EXPOCITI apart, offering a sustainable, decentralized expansion model in the evolving metaverse landscape.